How it Works

The notification process is a free service to all excavators for the first locate on a project. The process begins when an excavator notifies 811 Alaska Digline of a proposed excavation. This must occur not less than two (2) nor more than fifteen (15) full business days prior to excavation.

Based on the information received from the excavator, 811 Alaska Digline then notifies it’s members that may have underground facilities near the excavation site. This notification is called a locate ticket.

After receiving the ticket, underground facility owners have two (2) full working days or up to ten (10) full working days in remote or un-staffed locations to:

Locate underground facilities at the proposed excavation site described on the locate ticket.

Reschedule the locate to a mutually agreeable date and time.

Notify the excavator that there are no underground facilities in the area described in the notice.

Member Responsibility
811 Alaska Digline provides excavation notification services and stakeholder education designed to provide for public safety and underground facility damage prevention and encourag...
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Excavator Responsibility
Whether you are a professional Excavator, Contractor, Engineer or Handyman, you play an important role keeping Alaskans safe with EVERY dig. Alaska State law requires that locates ...
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Homeowner Responsibility
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